Do you have full visibilty on your finances?

As part of the business development consultancy we can offer more insight into the below areas to help review, understand and change aspects of your business

  • - Cost Reduction Analysis
  • - Revenue & Cost Analysis
  • - Process Review / Design
  • - Metric / Reporting, Design & Implementation

Other Servcies
To help take your business to the next level we can also help give you more of a corporate identity, or re-design the way you promote your business visually.

  • - Logo Design / Corporate Identity

Once our consultants have worked with your company and idenified areas that both parties agree require review, our team can help manage the implementation of the changes to ensure minimum impact on your workforce.

  • - Change Management

Business Development

It is always an essential part of business to review all aspects of how you operate, even more so in today's economy. In some sectors business are having to cut back on spend, overheads and head-count to ensure their companies sustain a healthy financial balance sheet. In other sectors business in booming and they are looking at ways to grow their business.

Sometimes to make a company healthy it takes very little effort and can sometimes have very little impact on the actual operations of the company as a whole. Cost reductions can be made in some areas that will more than likely be un-seen by employers and with a few small changes in the way a company operates it can be surprising how much can be saved to bring a company back to financial health.

Our business development team can review your business costs, processes, revenue, etc and effectively identify areas that could be reviewed.

Our team also offer a “Change Management” service to help make the implementations as seamless as possible whilst ensuring effective communication is available throughout the company.


To find out more about our services or to arrange a free no obligation discussion to identify your requirements contact Client Build today.

Get your business known.

Not only is marketing an important strategy to keep existing clients but it also a requirement to gain market share and obtain new clients.

Network Marketing


Are your customers really satisfied with you?

The experience they have during your business relationship will determine any future business.

Customer Experience


Learn the advantages of outsourcing..

The outsourcing model fits perfectly for businesses that are looking at change.