Are your customers really satisfied with you?

The experience that your customers have during your business relationship will determine any future business.

We can help you see your business through your customers eyes and learn valuable information from a customers perspective on how you operate. We can offer the below servcies to gain this valuable customer insight.

  • - Mystery Shopper
  • - Inbound / Outbound Call Centre Audits
  • - Web Site Analysis

Building on your current customers
Once you have gained a customer it is essential that you keep the relationship. If you have ensured that the customer service you provide is optimised then the next step is to keep the customer interested in your company and give them more and more reasons to return to you, otherwise they may well simply take their business elsewhere. Client Build can look at ways of "keeping your customers".

  • - Building Loyalty and Knowing your Customers
  • - Database Management

Customer Experience

No business can survive without customers!

The attention you give your customer and the experience they have during your business relationship will determine any future business between the to parties.

This could be as simple as a customer walking into your store to purchase one of your items (or making a purchase online), a large corporation renewing a major contract, or a service provided by yourself such as telephone contact or some direct service you sell to a customer.

Client Build offer a variety of services to gain you the valid information you require to determine how well your team of staff are treating your customers.


In all cases detailed reports are issued to show the outcome of the customer experience and if required Client Build can provide consultants to help improve any areas identified for improvement.


We can also assist in optimisng your current customer database to ensure you’re maximizing the potential of the sales  or services that your offer your customers.


To find out more about our services or to arrange a free no obligation discussion to identify your requirements contact Client Build today.

Are you a Franchise Company?

We have now developed an Audit system that will allow you to review how your franchises operate.

Your franchise partners are representing your company from the services that they offer. It is essential that these franchised companies follow your company policies and represent you within the guidelines that you have set-out in your franchise partner agreements.


Client Build can help you ensure that your business partners are representing your company name professionally and check that they are offering the quality of service that you deem satisfactory.


Contact Client Build today and have us audit your partner sites.




Get your business known.

Not only is marketing an important strategy to keep existing clients but it also a requirement to gain market share and obtain new clients.

Network Marketing


Learn the advantages of outsourcing.

The outsourcing model fits perfectly for businesses that are looking at change.




Give your business a health check.

It is always an essential part of business to review all aspects of how you operate.



Business Development