Learn the advantages of outsourcing.

The outsourcing model fits perfectly for businesses that are looking at changing their current business model and are looking at different ways of either expanding, or reducing their infrastructure.

There are various benefits that can be achieved by using the outsourcing model within your business, for example outsourcing could be used to help reduce costs in some of the below areas.

  • - Reduce Pay-role and HR Costs
  • - Only Pay for Heads during Hours Worked
  • - Reduce Actual Head Count

Alternatively to using the outsourcing model to reduce costs, it is also an ideal method of expanding your business. The outsourcing model presents benefits in the below areas.

  • - Expand / Reduce size to Alignment of Business
  • - Skilled People to Hand when Required, Reducing Training Costs
  • - Global Presence without Global Costs



We have successfully outsourced a variety of positions over the years for small business and global scale corporations.

We specialise in outsourcing service and support related functions including but not limited to; in-bound and out-bound call centre, telemarketing, technical support, technical repair and distribution but can accommodate the outsourcing needs for most business functions.

We have good working relations with various outsourcing partners across the globe including: UK, Europe, America, China, Japan, Brazil and Australia offering a fully scalable model for any business.

With our team of consultants and business partners to hand in all areas of the world we are uniquely positioned to offer consultancy to any business looking into the benefits of using an outsourced partner.


Our outsourcing consultancy can be tailored to the exact requirements of your business from a “one-off” advice consultation, to a fully managed service.


To find out more about our services or to arrange a free no obligation discussion to identify your requirements contact Client Build today.

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