Our Re-Cycling Policy

Our company believes in helping the environment as much as possible and believe that we all have to look at the way our operations effect the world around us.

In light of this all our marketing material is printed on recycled paper to FSC standards and we have a "paper-less" office system (where possible).
We also print the re-cycle symbol on all our packaging and marketing material hoping to instil the message of re-cycling to all our clients.

We also ensure that our office waste is sorted and recycled using various companies where possible.

Continuous Improvement

All businesses should review how they operate and continuously look at areas for improvement. As well as instilling this philospohy into our clients, during our process of consultation, our teams are driven to also look at our own areas of operation to ensure we not only operate effeciently for our own health but also to ensure we maximise the consultations with our customers.


Charity Contributions

At Client Build we like to be part of the local community and believe that if we are successful, then we have a part to play in the local community by helping local charities to succeed in their goals.

From all our revenue streams we guarantee to donate a minimum of 1% of our profit to various charities.