Presentation - Services

Currently approx 42% of companies are using Microsoft Powerpoint as their major tool for marketing and advertising products of services, yet few people have actually had training on how to use this tool to its full potential.


How many times have you sat through a presentation and walked away wondering what the key items were from within the presentation that you were supposed to remember? How many times have you sat just wanting the presentation to end or grab your attention more?


Client Build Presentation Services can help you present your information with an impact that will ensure it stays in peoples minds and grabs their attention throughout.


The features within Powerpoint are ideal for presenting your information in conferences, sales meetings, company presentations, trade fairs or business offers and if displayed correctly can work extremely effectively in getting your information across.


Client Build can review your current presentations and offer ways of giving them a face-lift. This could be something as simple as including images, diagrams, movies or sound to help grab the attention of the viewer, or even a complete re-design.


Alternatively if you are short for time, or are struggling with some of the complexities of Microsoft Powerpoint then we can help author a presentation from scratch.

We can change the appearance of the presentation completely so it can easily be deployed through various media, which is ideal for marketing.


Our Presentation services can be incorporated into our Reports service to ensure you deliver your information successfully.



Benefits for using Client Build for your Presentations

  • - Saves you time
  • - You get to focus on the content rather than the building of the presentation
  • - Delivers a clear message
  • - Improved quality of presentation
  • - Grab the viewers attention
  • - Ensures your information is rememerable
  • - Only pay for slides you accept
  • - Own full property rights to slides
  • - Fixed fee from £20 per standard slide (depending on images)
  • - Fast turnaround

Once youv'e seen the power of presentation design service, it will soon become part of your essential tool for preparing for that important meeting or presentation.