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Our programs will suit the requirements of any business no matter how small or large. If you are simply looking at someone to help give you some direction in your business or a partner to fully assist and manage a specific function we have specialists consultants that can help. We can offer a one time consultation or full time management program, depending on how much of each project you need to manage in-house.

Our standards are of the highest and welcome any business to contact us to discuss their requirements.


Below are some links with specific information on some of the services we offer. If you are unsure what your exact requirement is or if your would like to discuss the servcies in more detail please don't hesitate to contact one of our team via the "contact us" page.


Client Build have carried out various out-sourcing initiatives across the globe in a variety of sectors. We work with your operations team to review your current business processes and identify areas that would be of benefit of using out-sourced partners.


Not only is marketing an important strategy to keep existing clients but it also a requirement to gain market share and obtain new clients. Various tools are used in the marketing industry to ensure your company gains the visibility it requires and to also re-assure your existing customers that you are still around and are a serious contender in your specific industry.

This service can be used in a variety of study cases to attain unbiased feedback of how your staff are treating your valued customers. Detailed reports are issued to show the outcome of the customer experience and if required Client Build can provide consultants to help improve any areas identified for improvement.


Sometimes to make a company healthy it takes very little effort and can sometimes have very little impact on the company as a whole. Client Build have consultants available that can review the health of your business and look at the areas of spend that can be adjusted / reviewed in order to make the necessary cuts required to ensure you stay a healthy business.



Additional Services

In addition to the business consultancy services that we offer for developing your business, we also have a team of people dedicated to making your general work-life easier by providing an "Office Work-Flow Programme".

If you are looking for a professional Power-Point presenation or simply a document template, we have a selection available or can fully customise a document to your specific requirements.

More Information on Powerpoint Services

Reports & KPI's
In business it's vital to ensure that the data you collect is presented in such a way to truly and clearly show the exact details you require. This may be KPI's, Budget vs. Spend, Sales Targets, etc (The list is endless)

Our team can produce professional looking reports that will clearly show the information you are trying to see from the mass of data stored on your servers.

More Information on Reporting Services

Once youv'e seen the power of our Office Work-Flow programme, it will soon become part of your essential tool for preparing for that important meeting or presentation.